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Temporomandibular joints, or TMJ, are responsible for opening and closing the mouth. TMJ dental treatment can help patients find relief of jaw (refers to the jaw, nerves, muscles and connected ligaments) pain, discomfort and soreness.

Treatment for TMJ is offered at Cumming’s Family Dentist in Cumming, GA and the surrounding area as our team of dental professionals perform an evaluation to understand what may be contributing to the pain. To schedule a personal evaluation and get started, our Cumming's Family Dentist team in Cumming at (770) 280-8723.

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    How a TMJ/ TMD AAFE Dentist Can Help

    Therapies can include relaxation to help in easing tense muscles and tendons. Other treatments can reduce inflammation of sore tissues and strengthen jaw muscles.

    Dental treatment for the jaw can include correction poor dental alignment so teeth fit together correctly and the TMJ muscles work smoothly. This helps to prevent clenching or grinding. Orthodontic appliances or mouth guards often reduce the effects of grinding teeth at night.

    Botox injections to the muscle surrounding the TMJ / TMD can reduce inflammation of TMJ. Botox can be an option for treatment to minimize migraines, TMB and bruxism.

    Symptoms of TMJ / TMD

    • Neck or Shoulder Pain
    • Jaw Muscle Pain or Stiffness
    • Locked Jaw
    • Ringing in the Ears or Pain Pressure
    • Discomfort When Biting
    • Chronic Headaches / Migraines

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    Why Are Temporomandibular Joints So Important

    The mouth had one TMJ joint on each side that connect the jaw to the face for moving the jaw up and down and side to side. This allows people to talk, eat and laugh which are vital to life.

    These joints which are covered with cartilage for protection has a special disk resting between the ball and socket for providing extra cushioning. Your muscles and tendons which are connected to the jaw hold it in place for assisting with motion.

    Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD)

    Damage to the jaws or other components can lead to serious problems:

    • Ear Pain
    • Chronic TMJ Pain
    • Tense Facial Muscles
    • Intense Headaches or Migraines
    • Inability to Open or Close the Mouth
    • These conditions are known as TMD or temporomandibular disorders. Some people refer to it as TMJ. We at Cumming’s Family Dentist know how to alleviate joint pain symptoms using a combination of advanced treatment options, anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy.

      Medical professionals are not entirely sure what causes TMD / TMJ but According to the Mayo Clinic pain may be due to a combination of genetic or physical factors. Conditions that may increase your risk of developing TMD / TMJ problems:

      • Arthritis can damage cartilage which exposes sensitive nerves
      • Jaw Injury from a sudden blow or fracture which can hurt bones, cartilage or disks
      • Dislocated Jaw can effect the tendons, cartilage and muscles long-term
      • Tooth Alignment Issues people can be born with can cause improper wear
      • Teeth Grinding or Clenching increases development of TMD and can make it harder to treat inflammation
      • Stress people are under can cause inflammation with grinding or clenching of the teeth