Visit Your Dentist for an Invislign Consultation to Customize Your Teeth Straightening

Invisalign Cumming, GA

An Invisalign® consultation is an important element to consider. This teeth-straightening system is becoming more popular. It offers custom-fit, clear aligners to apply gradual pressure on your teeth. These aligners will then straighten your teeth without brackets and wires. Achieving this success needs a thorough consultation. Here are the details about how an Invisalign consultation can customize your teeth alignment.

Extensive oral examination

Many patients avoid teeth-alignment methods because of dental anxiety. They think it would be too painful and a little invasive. A complete oral exam will allow for more understanding of the process. This happens during the patient’s Invisalign consultation. The first meeting will help prepare the patient for the treatment. It will also personalize the patient’s Invisalign experience.

The dentist will perform an oral exam. This happens after asking the patient about previous orthodontic or dental histories. The oral examination’s goal is to check the dental health condition. This part of the consultation also aims to determine the patient’s candidacy. Invisalign is often suitable for treating mild or moderate misalignment or malocclusions.

Dental X-rays

The dentist will order dental X-rays. This allows the dentist to see the patient’s dental development. An oral examination cannot see what lies underneath the gumline. A dental X-ray will show how the wisdom teeth and jaw have developed. It will show the dentist if there is impaction in the wisdom teeth as well.

Dentist’s recommendation

A recommendation will follow the dental X-rays and oral examination. The patient’s information will give the dentist a good idea of what the patient needs. A patient who qualifies will begin the treatment process right away. A patient with severe malocclusions will not be a good candidate for clear aligners. The dentist will recommend another type of teeth-alignment system like traditional braces.

Education and orientation

The dentist will start to go over the process of the procedure during the Invisalign consultation. This is a good time for the patient to ask questions. The dentist could then address any issue the patient might have. Giving proper care instructions is part of educating the patient about Invisalign. The patient will learn everything related to the Invisalign system by the end of the orientation.

Dental impression

The dentist will start the treatment right away if the patient is a good candidate. Taking the patient’s dental impression is part of the tailored care of Invisalign. The dentist will send these impressions to the dental lab. This ends the patient’s Invisalign consultation. The patient will come back for fitting once the custom-fit aligners are ready. Wearing the aligners will start right away.

An Invisalign consultation will determine the details for a custom-fit treatment

The patient will need to see the dentist to know more about the Invisalign treatment. The consultation is the right time to tell you about your current dental issues. This part of the treatment will help create a customized treatment plan for you. It will also help ensure the right fit of the aligners when they arrive.

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