Popular Dental Restoration Options to Fix a Chipped Tooth

Chipped Tooth Cumming, GA

If you've got a chipped tooth, you know that it can be an unpleasant event. You may experience pain, discomfort, swelling, or even bleeding. Others may not even notice chips, which primarily has to do with where the chip is and the dental hygiene of the individual. Some temporary fixes can be done at home; however, they will not lead to long-term resolution. There are a few options you can do to protect your tooth until you can get to the dentist for treatment.

What to do

A tooth may be susceptible to breaking if it is weakened from decay or chewed on something too hard. If you find this painful, you can:

  • Rinse your mouth with warm water
  • Take over-the-counter pain killers
  • Reduce swelling by using cold packs
  • Purchase dental wax or dental products
  • Don't chew on that side of the mouth
  • Keep it clean if possible

Treatment options

Your dentist can look at a few different options to treat your chipped tooth. If there is not too much damage to the tooth, you may be able to get dental bonding to fill in any gaps. This is when a dentist applies a resin onto your tooth and form it to be comfortable in shape and function. If you have a piece of the tooth still, they may be able to reattach it.

Sometimes a chip can go deeper into the tooth and get close to the 'pulp' of the tooth. The pulp is the innermost layer that has vessels and nerves in them, making them very sensitive and painful if any damage gets to them. Since this part of the tooth provides healthy nutrition, it's important to keep protected. If the pulp is damaged, your provider may need to remove parts of it before sealing it. A cap or crown can be placed over it.

If your molars or back teeth are affected, an amputation may need to be done to save the tooth. Surgery may be required if they suspect there may be further damage. At times, a root canal won't keep the tooth intact, depending on how much loss has occurred. At that point, extraction will likely happen. You can get an implant afterword's to maintain your smile without a gap in between teeth.


Depending on the dentist's treatment for you, there may need to be several follow-up appointments. An example is if you need to get a dental crown, as they will need to be made and customized for you. If you find that you have a chipped tooth, be sure to schedule an appointment as soon as possible so any further damage can be prevented. With dental technology now, even procedures that used to be dreaded are now seamless.

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