5 Facts You Need to Know about Denture Repair

Denture RepairDentures can be a touchy subject for many people, a source of embarrassment, so it is not hard to imagine that denture repair falls into the same category. The important thing to remember about your dentures is that they are there to make your life easy.

Dentures have an approximate lifetime of five to seven years. It is important to address problems when they arise, from an ill fit to actual breakage in the product. Ignoring issues will actually create a more expensive one to deal with in the future.

As an owner of a pair of dentures, here are five facts that you need to know about denture repair:

1. Your mouth changes over time

Dentures help people who need to fill gaps in their teeth. Whatever the reason, the shape of the gums and jaw bone changes over time without the structure of the teeth for support, regardless of if you have dentures.

This means that as your mouth changes, the dentures need to change as well. Sudden changes in your mouth structure can also be a sign of a more serious condition.

2. Repairs can be about more than realignment

Denture repair is usually necessary to treat a chip to one of the teeth. It is important to bring any damage like this to your dentist immediately as it will contribute to your overall comfort.

3. Prolonging denture refitting will only cause more issues

The adjustment period for new dentures or repairing dentures can take longer than some people prefer. This leads many people to put off their denture repair for months and months. Unfortunately, doing so only makes things worse.

Dentures help with the structure of your tooth and chewing. Ignoring the need to adjust the fit of your dentures can actually make the shape of your mouth change faster. This can create the need for new dentures altogether. That is a much more expensive problem compared to just getting your dentures adjusted.

4. The teeth will need repairs no matter what

Many people think if they practice the best oral hygiene and see to it that they visit the denture clinic once a year, they will never need to adjust or fix their dentures. This simply is not true. Without a doubt, denture repair is a part of the life of your dentures. As your mouth and face shape changes, your dentures will need to be repaired in one way or another.

5. Never attempt to repair your dentures yourself

Dentures are made with extreme precision and calculation to the shape of your mouth. They are carefully crafted in a way that is just right for you and their longevity will be maintained by always bringing them to a professional. Never attempt to repair dentures yourself. The best course of action when your dentures are in need of denture repair is to bring them to a professional to be fixed.

All dentures will eventually need to be repaired. After all, dentures serve an ever-changing part of your body as you age. If you are having trouble with your dentures, let Cumming's Family Dentist help you restore them back to pristine condition. Call our dental office in Cumming at (770) 205-9226.

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